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This add-on should only be purchased together with the Starter or Elite package if you want to increase your SEO and brand awareness exponentially.

This package will help you get higher positions in search engine results for your targeted keywords. Paying for traffic is good because you get instant results but ranking for multiple keywords and getting free traffic from search engines like Google is even better since that will last forever.

Here are the key features of your SEO campaign:
  you can target up to 5 keywords
  our SEO approach is Google friendly and 100% tested on thousands of websites
  get a natural mix of high quality links including do-follow and no-follow backlinks
  your website’s domain and page authority will increase
  the backlink profile that we will create will be extremely diversified
  you will receive a full detailed report when your SEO campaign is completed

Lara is our Shopify marketing specialist and is here to help you with your campaign. She has been with us since 2011 and has helped thousands of Shopify store owners reach new customers month after month and year after year.

495 reviews for SHOPIFY SEO BOOSTER

  1. abhishek13.srivastava

    Great communication and i plan to continue with them. I think like any business, one must first invest time, effort and money to gain visibility. They do their part and deliver the target traffic and I hope with my continuing that I will get much more than 1 sale that I already got!!!

  2. immortalityis4evah

    great job..100% real traffic and sales for my shopify store. i will purchase more again and again!

  3. jishamenon1

    I have tried several other services in the past from other sources and it was a waste of time. This Traffic is genuine period! Thanks A lot and i will be buying more seo packages for sure soon 🙂

  4. q42721292

    Always delivers what is expected and when it should be delivered. We have used this service several times and will continue to do so.

  5. kategriff

    5 Stars – Awesome service! Getting exactly what I was expecting. Threw in a free bonus as well! I will order from PromoteMyStore again and again!

  6. danpaip

    What can I say? Really professional service, URL tracking code added and the results are very good, I can see a boost of traffic on my shopify store. Highly recommended.

  7. blueskysailing

    Working with PromoteMyStore has been a breeze!!! Always on point, no mistakes, precise, accurate, as well as efficient! Seriously, I can’t ask for more. thank you for helping my shopify store become a success!!!!

  8. amaan3in

    will hire this team again and again as theres nothing better than waking up and seeing sales on my shopify account

  9. glow.balu

    EXCELLENT Provider and prompt order processing with trackable link to monitor progress. Five Stars. Will come back for more. thank you!

  10. powerviolence88

    the team was on time delivering my order and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their traffic and sales! The seo report is easy to understand even for a newbie like me

  11. extrash

    I’m very satisfied with the service, customer support is very fast in comunication and extremely correct ! Highly recommend Definitely I’ll buy again if only I would get more sales.

  12. vikasshrivastava93

    it is always a pleasure working with PromoteMyStore. the traffic is smooth day after day and I get sales almost daily with 5 products that I am currently selling on my shopify store. I am very pleased!

  13. vohuuty37

    This Service is delivered exactly as described and my shopify sales improved wow thank you!

  14. sunglassesonly2

    Would you recommend buying this Service? ANYTIME. what is the reason?! no more words to say.

  15. yomeex

    Good service Real traffic Good bounce rate Sometimes visitors stays for 30 seconds and other times they stay for one to three minutes on my shopify store.

  16. ukajipoe

    Great team, enjoyed working with you on this seo booster deal!

  17. praveena246

    Highly recommended service from a long term customer and I suggest to buy all the options available when checking out for maximum impact.

  18. andrea.gusick

    Excellent team here. Really did what they mentioned and I already got 1 sale today. see you guys again on my next purchase!

  19. sim.kumar03

    Awesome jobs as always , the feeeling of seeing constant orders cannot be described wooow! Thank you soooo much

  20. cjwivwh

    Fast delivery of visitors, great job (got only one sale on my shopify store). I will come back next month.

  21. patriciasherrell

    By far one of the best services i have ever purchased . my sales exploded 2nd month after trying this serice. during the 1st month i did some mistakes with my shopify products that i was not aware of but George has shown me the right path with his tips . will forever be your customer

  22. astec08

    Excellent work. I got very quick responds anytime I asked question. Highly recommended and we will be working together again.

  23. christie.ashley87

    Exceeded my expectations…. my shopify sales improved since purchasing so i will continue to purchase more and more hehehe

  24. sela.hagit

    This was an excellent service and I would highly recommend This to many others looking to increase their traffic and shopify sales. Thanks for your hard work!

  25. ejtkd

    Great communication during the traffic campaign, very helpful with plenty of advices, delivered as promised and even more than advertised! would use again for sure. Top+++++ provider.

  26. tacifuentes

    totally love this Service! Will continue to use them again and again and again and again and again xD!

  27. deboer.adb

    as always these guys are on the top of the game! excellent service is being provided as I type this message and my shopify sales improved by a lot. come back soon for sure!

  28. ejdietz

    So far the traffic is constantly flowing to my shopify store… I’ll surely be back after the end of the month c’ya

  29. mrspinero

    PromoteMyStore team is professional and fast at processing my order! Very good communication and very detailed tracking link!


    I selected this provider because there were already alot who had it as a fav. Customer support rep was polite, timely and delivered proper information. Will use again. Thanks for a nice experience on my first paid promotion!

  31. kevinrearp

    An efficient team! I ordered from them because of the skills I needed for my shopify shop. The reviews endorsed their ability to provide a timely delivery. I was given a tracking link and am prayerful and hopeful to see activity from their efforts on my behalf!

  32. hotrobbie

    I wouldn’t consider using anyone else to grow my shopify store customer base. they bring results big time and that is the reason i will come back again next month and not only!

  33. westbeth6

    Great support, Easy to work with and quality delivery. Will be placing more orders at the end of the month after I see what happened!

  34. wonkachocolat

    PromoteMyStore is the most trustworthy, honest, talented and reliable. I highly recommend the seo booster and elite deal to USA and european shopify sellers looking for a marketing advantage.

  35. jocke93.ahlfeldt

    When you order this package you’ll get what you paid for. Just as described. I’d definitely use this service again.

  36. enniobozzetti

    This is very outstanding work. always delivers before time and the output is very professional and the seller over delivers beyond one’s expectations.

  37. manirockz33

    Great team to work with and they really care for their customers. Delivers fast and you truly see results. my shopify sales improved more than 50% after trying their service. I will continue to buy this service as long as I keep seeing my sales improve month after month

  38. keke92bby

    the team sent traffic to my shopify store as promised. Although I only got 3 sales I will order again as I am confident there will be more sales soon 🙂

  39. kapselek4fun

    Another repeat order and 100% customer service and delivery! Superb service provided by PromoteMyStore

  40. kalkan43

    Amazing traffic. Very professional.


    Outstanding service I have already tracked 2 sales in my shopify store in the first week of using this service with 3 weeks more to go yasssss

  42. collier.martin

    Lucas responds very fast to emails and is effective in driving traffic to my shopify store . will be back next month

  43. saimbaig

    Great team to work with and delivered on time, and has increased my shopify sales.

  44. realjoedirt80

    Great job as usual, repeat customer here 🙂

  45. lemanhdungcdnl

    The process of driving traffic to my shopify store was simple and easy which I really appreciated. today i got my first sale and I’m very excited , it feels sooooo good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. jordanpho1

    Great customer support and traffic! I wanted to change the url of my shopify store and they fixed it with no time! will surely order more in the near future !!

  47. jennifer.meegan

    Ordered this service 2 times already. it only brought 1 sale during the 1st month but i did not gave up and here in am on my 2nd month delivering my 5th shopify sale thank you so much

  48. tranzition.gigbeth

    I have used this service for the past year, and each time it is more than what I paid for. Great service and always on target. Recommend to serious companies looking for dedicated team.


    This is wonderful! I wait before giving a review to truly see if you get the results, and you absolutely do!!!! You know I’ll be back 🙂

  50. globalgrafik

    Just started the campaign, but after reading all the reviews, I went with 6 months. No matter how you look at it, you cannot get traffic this cheap anywhere on the planet elsewhere!

  51. coolgal.jay

    Great service! My package was completed very quickly and I have seen an increase in the past week since purchase and I also got one sale but I hope for more. Thanks so much – I will be back!

  52. evankraft

    Great service and support team. Provided a better product than I imagined. I’m already seeing significantly more traffic to my shopify store.

  53. nirmalya.sl65b

    Great team and true experts at what they say they do. will buy again more next month so expect me soon

  54. traductionfrancaisanglais

    the traffic delivery was right on the target market of my shopify store and the team very available for guidance. I am very grateful for discovering them 2 months ago.

  55. chrisickes

    Great job everytime! my shopify sales skyrocketed since using this service !!!! it works and it works amazing !! thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!

  56. maxpyne25

    Thanks again for offering this incredible service for my shopify store. I’m on my 3rd month of using it and I’m LOVING it!!!

  57. mikkel.samuelsen

    Nicely delivered, as usual. will continue to do business with them as long as they will exist on the webspace


    Exactly as described! Attracted lots of people to my shopify store and i got some sales! Definitely recommend any time of the day

  59. sylwiocenap

    Excellent work. We started noticing the hits/traffic coming in. We will recommend this service for your traffic needs.

  60. thinkpink.nitya

    PromoteMyStore delivered as promised, Communication and response from the customer support team was from the beginning till the end. I would highly recommend them.

  61. lg.alapikin

    Yet again, this service has exceeded my expectations. To say I’m very happy is an understatement. If I was to say anything remotely negative about this package I couldn’t find any reason at all. Well done!

  62. miraclefruithut000

    Great job done for my shopify store you guys have finally helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Thanks a million times!!!

  63. anshuman52in

    I needed more traffic to my shopify store. They had great reviews and appeared to deliver what they promised. I am happy with the results so far. Getting tons of traffic and sales as well. yohooooooooooo

  64. arstewart

    I am receiving traffic not only in main page.. but also in my all shopify store.. I will 100% recommend other to try their services.. They are best..

  65. jmeyers1950

    Repeated customer since few months ago my shopify results speak for themselves hehe

  66. kooty86

    Thanks a lot, trusted team that gave me stats to track the clicks so I can be sure that I am getting what I paid for my shopify promotion.

  67. renemmelo

    Professional and well structured service that helped a lot my shopify store. it’s a great experience working with these guys for the past year since finding about them!

  68. crbarragan

    I have used them since 2 years month after month i could not live without this service my only job is to deliver my shopify sales and nothing else this is crazy!!!

  69. mohsin.mnrd

    PromoteMyStore is top of the line, best in class. Couldn’t ask for anything more or better, a terrific experience. Once you engage, all you have to do is “nothing”… seriously. Very quick and efficient process, would highly recommend them to anyone, without hesitation.

  70. itombre

    once again great job done by this team. 9th purchase going for the 10th and hopeful;y 100th my sales are growing by the day!

  71. viliuxd

    I’ve ordered multiple times and am extremely happy with both the consistent level of visitors and the extremely low bounce rate (sub 40%). Fives Stars from me for this company!

  72. rashkts

    5th time in row here to order again. And why? As I have finally sales on two of my 3 shopify shops promoted. Conversionsboost is my most favorite place for traffic. Thank you 🙂

  73. spatel0206

    Five Stars as always!!!!

  74. tuletun

    Excellent performance, will order again soon. Thank you!

  75. damir.1105

    Always fast professional Service!

  76. gshahidi

    Excellent, thank you for a quick and valid experience.

  77. rfgrumpy

    Great communication

  78. rhiamontina

    Tremendous Service as always. Have used your Service for years. Thank you!

  79. jackahammonds

    Excellent the team. Highly recommended.

  80. alissazulvergold

    this team seems very attentive and off to the Grid. So far so good Services. Looking forward for likewise support in future

  81. 2bgracie

    Awesome Services

  82. paula.cowling

    Excellent. Thanks PromoteMyStore!!!

  83. francis.pagani

    Delivers what he promises and whenever I had a situation which was very rare he took care of it immediately!

  84. ddonown

    Very good communication and result.

  85. danielsilvasal

    Good experience

  86. supriyanayakss

    Thank you so much, order on time now waiting for results.

  87. uhogrlonos


  88. lethuyhang1990

    Great Service, and traffic as promised plus more than expected. Will use again 🙂

  89. hacknisum

    A pleasure, as always.

  90. arundberg

    really bring target-target web traffic

  91. zachfrosty

    Super happy with this Service! Thanks so much!

  92. nayandev

    great team, very quickly

  93. noronic

    Brought more traffic

  94. margus.suhharev

    To improve ratings of my website by increasing traffic. Yes

  95. milp54

    good to have worked with them.

  96. samdinner

    Excellent Service.

  97. dylguz

    thanks friend

  98. piti129

    Good Service! According to google analytics, I got around 80-100 daily visitors. Which is pretty good. No sales yet, but it is only 4 days, will see. Thank you!

  99. j.maask

    Very good guy!!

  100. rravi.89

    PromoteMyStore you are the best! Many thanks!

  101. djjahgger

    Great Service and the team…highly recommended 🙂

  102. luisrussellzi

    Great team! Will do business again!

  103. sahar.moghimi

    Wonderful! Thanks!!!

  104. rodrigohew

    Great Service

  105. tim.boes

    Great! I have used Service several times! I Definitely recommend this team!

  106. mynameiskabir

    This Service did exactly what I wanted – to bring viewers to my website! Great Service and i will be using them agin!

  107. ahlemdridi76

    An outstanding Service with great customer Service, thanks!

  108. tzminn26

    will keep working with you for sure, great job


    Great job as usual

  110. searching4meaning

    Outstanding Experience!

  111. taskof39

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  112. julietred

    delivered traffic as specified will use again.

  113. heningswolf

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  114. tojaswal

    Perfect traffic modification. Thank you

  115. jesse1957

    Great Service. Highly Recommended. A+++

  116. amy.hadley28

    Made everything Happen! Well done! I would buy again!

  117. nissafoss1

    Thanks!! You’re the real deal for sure. Highly recommend!

  118. fairy_lianne_lee87

    awesome experiece….received tons of traffic

  119. thlahumlian

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  130. brandonbrennerphoto

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    Started quickly – greatly appreciated.

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    Thank You PromoteMyStore

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    Very fast , as expected . Already ordered with them 2 times . Would recommend as it gives 500 real people per day . (For me )

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    Highly recommend this Service… I started ordering 1 month Services to monitor clicks. Then had a custom order for 6 months. I know order this Service continuously every six months. Real Results !! Thank You

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    It was so easy to communicate and work with PromoteMyStore. Great Service! Great help!

  159. tamelot

    Outstanding Service! I actually took the opportunity to work with their Service before and just to prove my point further more, I waited a day to see the traffic after one day. True to their word, over 200+ per day. Thank you so much! They’re truly highly recommended and can’t wait to wait with them again!

  160. lisrenee

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